• DePort Weincafé in Manderscheid
    Es ist nicht zu wenig Zeit, die wir haben, es ist zu viel Zeit, die wir nicht nutzen.
  • Café

    Our café is situated in the heart of Manderscheid. It’s a place to relax and let go. Here you can enjoy a hot coffee with our homemade cheesecake.

  • Eifel

    The Eifel is a nice area for people who like to spent time in nature. You can cycle from one village to another, jump into the water of a maar, hike to the castles of Manderscheid or relax and watch the nature!

  • Wine

    We offer many wine options. Experience different local wines and choose the wine you like most! Just contact us if you like to book a wine-tasting in our cozy wine cellar.

  • Our guestrooms

    You like to visit Manderscheid and need a place to stay? We offer 3 double rooms and one single room with breakfast in the morning.

Experience our wine options

  • white wine: Elbling, Riesling, etc.

  • red wine: Dornfelder, pinot noir, etc.

  • spritzer, rosé, mulled wine, etc.